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Crisis Strategy

We're plan-for-a-hurricane-not-a-rainstorm people. We can help you avoid common pitfalls and missteps in planning for a crisis. 

  • Crisis Preparedness Plans

You can't predict what's coming if you haven't examined the past. We identify industry-specific and company-specific scenarios that pose a threat to your organization's reputation.

  • Risk Assessment

Where are your weak points? We conduct a thorough assessment of your company and its vulnerabilities.

  • Management Training and Workshops

Our workshops are designed to build crisis sensitivity among your top executives.

  • Media Training

We help you to understand how the media works, what journalists look for in stories and empower you to handle the toughest questions when you’re in the bulls-eye of a news cycle.


Crisis Communications

Identifying and properly diagnosing a crisis is critical to managing the response. And timing is everything. We help you determine what to say to your various audiences to ensure your reputation remains intact and emerge unscathed. 

  • Media Relations

24/7 news coverage can be tricky. We work with you to navigate the spotlight to properly frame your story.

  • Message Development

We help you craft key messages that your organization should deliver to boost audience perceptions during a critical period.

  • Crisis Support

Need a helping hand? Our specialists are always available to supplement your communications efforts during a crisis.

  • Stakeholder Communication

Before, during and after a crisis, we identify important internal and external stakeholders to bring clarity, transparency, and credibility to your company and its reputation.