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Research is the foundation for how we tell your story. Before we create and implement any tailored communications plan, we provide a thorough assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. We call this the ModKaf R.A.C.E. approach






We believe it's better to take a look at the industry landscape through qualitative and quantitative research before diving into a strategy. We use research to determine your positioning in the marketplace and identify challenges, market opportunities and threats. We synthesize this data to serve as the basis for your strategic roadmap.

We dig deep into understanding your company’s core purpose and beliefs as well as the competitive framework in which your business operates. This analysis helps us to determine your competitive advantage - the most important differentiating benefit that your brand delivers to your target audiences.


We use insights and data from our deep-dive analyses to create strategic plans based on your company’s goals and budget. We design our plans to fit seamlessly into your current marketing and communications efforts by taking a holistic approach to ensure that your brand voice remains true across all channels.

We execute and manage performance by establishing short and long-term goals with defined metrics to track progress. Our tailored solutions are always measurable and we develop balanced scorecards with KPIs that take into account engagement, market sentiment and brand value.